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Car Fuse Box Melted - Jan 02, 2014  · I was checking your picture of you melted battery fuse box and its look like your problem is were it goes the green fuse at the side of the 2 other green fuses. That melted fuse space belong to the radiator coolings fans 30 amp fuse.. Sep 12, 2017  · Re: F30 15amp fuse melted in fuse box above battery. Aye this is third car i have had thats had issues with lights lol. Previously it's been the stalk or the connector on the bulb thats caused shorting and fuses to melt but this is a weird one. Fuse Melted - Need Advice. The car started and ran but when I went to check the fuse it wasn't blown but the plastic was melted from the heat. stero shop done work and added extra amps to the fuse box alarm sys too! 4) sounds nuts, but a bad starter will also cause this issue to as the starter voltage will case the over load too.

Well, now instead of melting at the connector it melted the 30 amp fuse into the box (fuse 37 I think) and smoke rolled up from under the dash. I'm about to just wire in a relay to bypass the fuse box for the blower but I'm worried that might cause a fire since after I fixed the connector it just melted the fuse.. Apr 17, 2003  · I just got this fuse box to replace my melted fuse box in my 72 from Rick Hanson at (smooth transaction, good deal!). I figure from my observations, and from reading other posts on this site, that the reason my current fuse block started to melt was because the contacts became corrod. The thought of undoing all of those extraneous wires, correcting and rerouting them to a new fuse box, and hunting down the source of what caused the fuse box and relays to burn vs melt scared me away from an otherwise very solid car at a fair price..

Jun 09, 2009  · so ive been having a series of electrical issues that i have posted before. the defrost relay switch would starting going on by it self, the over head lamps would turn on, when i close the drivers side door the guage cluster turns on, and there was a terrible noise comming from the fuse box.. Mar 22, 2006  · How To Stop Fuse-Box Melting Discussion in 'VL Holden Commodore (1986 - 1988)' started by VL Berlina 5speed, Mar 8, 2006. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Mar 8, 2006 #1. VL Berlina In my old car I had new cables run for the headlight circuits, another relay and larger bulbs/ fuses. No melting. Upon inspection all I can see is the fuse box that sits on top of the battery has a wire that melted some plastic. The red wire is the feed from the battery. Right below it is a black wire connected with a 110v fusibile link, that is the one that melted somewhat..

A blown fuse can be recognized by its melted wire. Do not replace the fuse until the cause of the fault has been remedied. Some functions are protected by several fuses. Instrument panel fuse box In left-hand drive vehicles, the fuse box is behind the light switch in the instrument panel.. Ron discovered that a new fuse box is A$380 (about US$250 or GBP150) for one without relays but including fuses and battery cable so he decided to see if he could repair the old one himself. (Should you decide to just replace yours, I found new ones at Import Parts Bin (Speedy Car Parts) for about US$220 with free shipping).. Fire caused by a fuse box Three sleeping Battersea residents were "lucky" to escape after being dramatically rescued from a smoke-filled property by firefighters following an electrical fire. The fire was caused by a fuse box over heating causing it to melt, filling the property with thick black smoke..

There were several members who complained about a melted fuse box atop the car's battery, on the boxes left hand side, which disabled the A/C by destroying its electrical connection contact points. I ordered a new VW fuse box from AMAZON which cost me $32.00. While I waited for the new fuse box to be delivered, I suffered in 100 degree heat on. '04 jetta fuse box above battery. The alternator harness was giving off too much power and melting the fuse box. I had it replaced and the car works fine now. 0. superjetta Posts: 2. August 2011. I also have a 04 Jetta and Im having problem intalling the box that goes right above the battery. Dorman sent me a PDU with a 110amp fuse.

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